Kembé will organize the Indoor Soccer World Cup for EUR students this Friday, October 14th. This is not just any tournament, as the revenue will be used to set up a cow farm in India. Unfortunately, the tournament is already completely booked, but Kembé welcomes you to come and socialize, watch others play and get to know some more about Kembé!

Sustainable help

Kembé is a non-profit organization that strives to help people in poor countries. It was founded 1 ½ years ago by three IBA students, and has turned into something larger than any of them could have expected. The goal of Kembé is to organize sustainable projects in developing countries, to give people the opportunity to provide themselves with a stable income over a long period of time. Last year, Kembé helped to build a chicken farm in Haiti, which is now almost complete.

Cows in India

This year their new goal is to start a Sustainable Business project in Dehradun, India, by providing the people there with a cow farm. The main idea is to provide the area with a ‘model farm’, to teach other farmers how to produce milk more efficiently. By setting up this model farm, Kembé can stimulate change and economic progress across the whole region of Dehradun. The complete revenue of the soccer tournament will go to this project, as well as the rest of their earnings over the coming academic year. Jorrit Weekenborg, chairman of Kembé: ‘All the money we earn goes to the project. I pay for my own business cards and Kembé t-shirts, as well as all the other members.’ Weekenborg also explains that the soccer tournament will most likely not raise a great deal of money: ‘The entrance fee is quite low, but our goal is not to make a lot of money out of this tournament. By organizing these kinds of events for students, our aim is to make people aware of Kembé, and getting them excited about our projects. The more people we can motivate, the better.’ IS


So if you want to know more about Kembé’s noble quest, and you want to help them change people’s lives for the better, go watch some soccer!

Where? S-building, Erasmus University

When? Friday the 14th of October, 13:30 – 19:00

For more information, check the Kembé Facebook page or visit their website.