As an international student, you might notice that the Dutch love their home-made sandwiches. Yet other options exist for those who are too lazy to fix up their own lunch but still wish to feast on campus. 

De Etude is a self-service restaurant in H building, with a cosy bakery next door. Offering sandwiches, soups, and drinks, it is the best place to get recharged in the northern part of the campus. You won’t have to take the dusty detour and walk all the way to L or T. However, if you choose to, Woudestein south is a food haven.

– The Company feeds the RSM students and staff on the 4th floor of T building, but others are welcome too. You won’t find any different food than in other food outlets on campus, but there are plentiful students who are always ready to entertain you with their business pitch.

– De Carousel is the main dining hall on campus, located in the L building. Adjoined by a small cafe, the L building probably has the most extensive variety of cold and hot foods. The food on campus is all provided by a single caterer Albron, which means that the food offered is the same throughout the campus. Since the same food over and over can get boring, there are some alternatives, like:

– ‘De Lekkerste’, which literally means ‘The nicest’, is a fast food kiosk, north of the G and H buildings. It offers the legendary kapsalon, fries and other foods that scare dieticians. Last year, university management wanted to move it out, but thanks to many students who signed the petition to save it, everyone (crazy enough) can still enjoy a fresh döner kebab in between classes or for breakfast.

– Erasmus Sport Cafe is a food and drink place in the sports building S. They have a chef to cook up a few dishes throughout the day, such as spaghetti Bolognese of half a chicken with fries. All kinds of sandwiches or soup can be ordered too. And after attending all lectures, you can watch a football match with your friends, of course accompanied by snacks and beer.

Other catering options, like vending machines and coffee corners are scattered around the campus. Rest assured, you will never go hungry or thirsty on Woudestein if you know where to look.‘In de Smitse’ is the student bar on campus, located on T building’s ground floor. 1.20 euro beers, cavernous atmosphere, and kitschy music all make it the perfect gathering place for slaved university students after a tough day.

Eet smakelijk! MD