Some might already know of the game’s Dutch version, however this time it tries to involve the international students and staff too. As the title states, instead of driving to work every day, make one day a “smart day” and carpool, bike, use public transport, or walk to the university.

70% of the RSM’s Carbon Footprint

Both students and staff are welcome to join this great initiative, but especially staff is targeted, because they are the ones that use cars more. “Because we are an educational facility, commuting and business travel makes up about 70% of our entire carbon footprint”, says Gabi Helfert, the initiator and the coordinator of this project. Even though RSM is in the world top 5 green business schools, it has been looking for solutions in the area of mobility for a while, and this interactive game fits perfectly.

Tips and Tricks

“International students and Dutch students don’t generally differ in their “greenness”, but we’ve noticed that younger students tend to be more interested in the environment, while older students are more engulfed in their career.” Gabi doesn’t blame the students, because they have a lot to do these days, but gives a few useful tips for the international students to think and act a bit more green.

•    Don’t use plastic covers for your assignments.

•    Bike to school – it’s not that scary as you think, and you will get used to it.

•    Choose locally-produced food and vegetables, and buy only what is in season. Do you really need South American peaches in January?

•    Switch off electrical equipment at the wall socket. Even if left on ‘standby’, phone chargers, printers and TVs still use up to 85% of the energy of being fully switched on.

The more environmentally friendly you are, the more points you receive, and the more likely you will win a prize. So sign up your team of 4 to 12 by September 5 and face off against fellow students and different departments to claim your “Green Mean Machines” title. More information as well as further greening tips can be found here.MD