While Eureka week is meant for both Dutch and international students, it is generally dominated by the Dutch. However, the ESN Rotterdam Introduction Days is an exclusive event organized solely for bachelor, master, and exchange students with a non-Dutch passport.

For three days, one hundred and twenty  determined students discovered the city, explored the night scene, received information about the university, and not even Dutch weather could hold them back.

The ESN vision

Shermin Chavoushi, the VP of ESN-Rotterdam, describes the ESN vision: “Helping students to succeed in their study and in overcoming the difficulties and challenges they experience. We organize social activities to bring about the Dutch Experience. By organizing city trips, the international students are able to see different and interesting cities in a way that they would otherwise never see. Besides, when you join these events, you will also meet the other international students from Erasmus University and you can share some experiences, stories and learn from each others’ culture.”

‘Pubs are super fun’

Cheng Han Kuo, a Taiwanese girl, attended the ESN Introduction days because she wanted to meet new people before the school started. “The city is very modern, and the school should be nice after the construction is done, but most importantly, the people are amazing and the whole ESN crew is wonderful.” Open Air Movies, information markets, and city tours made sure that the students were busy, but the most memorable event was the pub crawl. “During the ESN Days, the most fun event was the pub crawl on the last night – the people were very excited and the six pubs were super fun!”

Wanted: a bike

However, it wasn’t all about fun and games. Shermin notes some difficulties that all international students initially encounter: “The most frequently asked questions concern housing and how to get a cheap bike. The most confusing thing for international students in general was requesting an OV-chip card and how they could charge these cards.”

Useful event

To answer these questions, and many others, the ESN Introduction Days is indeed a very useful and necessary event for international students. “During these days you meet so many other internationals, with whom you can have a great time during your stay in Holland. These three days are so intense and we try to visit the greatest hotspots in Rotterdam. You get to know Rotterdam and many people.”


If you want to join ESN in their future adventures, there will be a ‘Back To Rotterdam party’ on the 8th of September, so check Facebook for more details and pick up a free entrance ticket at the ESN office. MD