There is a new sorority in town and it is called Sigma Delta Phi. The sorority is solely for female students of IBEB, IBA and IBCOM.

According to Hande Macit, one of the board members, sigma delta phi will be different than regular Dutch sororities. These are not that attractive for internationals, since all history and traditions are in Dutch. “We aim to be a mixture of a student and a study association and combine serious with fun. Besides parties and dinners, we want to create a network for the future. This means we will create relationships with companies, in order to organize company drinks and international internships.”

Moreover, they want to take advantage of the different nationalities, by organizing theme months and language courses. This is one of the reasons the sorority is called Sigma Delta Phi, which means “the sum of differences from the golden ratio”.

A fraternity is on its way!

Besides an international sorority, there are plans for an international fraternity, it will be called Omega Chi, which means great energy or force. The initiator, Jack Beemsterboer, is currently writing his business plan for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. “However, the association will only be official for the Erasmus University after two years of existence, therefore we are taking the time to put all ideas on paper, in order to go from ideas to concrete plans.“

Join on Facebook

Currently, both associations expect around 100 members. Joining the fraternity is possible through their Facebook page “Omega Chi”. The sorority however has bigger plans. “Soon we will start our Rush Week, in this week people can officially join. Besides that, we are planning to promote during the Eurekaweek as well.” And although the sorority will not haze, people who join can expect an challenge. “These challenges will be related to charities, so it will be useful as well as fun”.  JV