The three IBA students suspected of assaulting a fellow student in the F-building will receive some form of punishment from their faculty. Within a few weeks it must become clear what the penalty will be.

The students were summoned at the office of RSM’s Dean George Yip office on 11 June. The three were told that they breached the school’s code of conduct with their actions. Aggression is ‘utterly unacceptable’, according to Adri Meijdam, director of the IBA programme. “In addition we explained to them that the code includes penalties, from which we will choose an appropriate one”, Meijdam says.


At the end of May, the three students, and three other students, were involved in the assault on a ‘residence assistant’ (RA) of the F-Building. This is the on-campus housing facility for international students. The RA sustained several injuries and a minor concussion. The door to his room was destroyed as well.

Two of the three suspects lived in the F-building and were immediately evicted by housing corporation Stadswonen.

Declaration of eviction

One of these two students has told Erasmus Magazine not to have taken part in the attack. He did however witness the attack. He was called by someone who said that was something was going on in one of the building’s corridors. He saw how one of his friends attacked the RA after they exchanged words. He says did not touch the victim himself. As a result he objects against the fact that he was presented the eviction declaration the morning after the incident, which he had to sign.

No ‘nice guys’

The victim tells EM he was attacked by more than one person. He hopes the university punishes the students appropriately. “Because these guys were never nice guys in the first place, and I wonder whether one would want to have such students at one’s university.”

Not to be tolerated

Adri Meijdam explains that for the IBA programme, it is not too important to find out exactly who did what. It is clear that the students were actively involved with the incident. “This is something that cannot be tolerated within any study programme, but certainly not in a programme whose goal it is to teach students with different backgrounds to interact in a positive way.”

The police investigation into the incident is still ongoing. WG