Two IBA students were evicted from their living units in the F-building at the end of May by housing corporation Stadswonen after assaulting a fellow student. Stadswonen describes their actions as ‘unacceptable’.

The incident happened inside the F-building on the campus Woudestein where dozens of international students live. The victim is one of the two ‘residential assistents’ (RAs), who have been assigned by Stadswonen to help enforce the house rules of the building, and lives there as well.

Minor concussion

The student received a number of blows and injuries to the face and suffered a minor concussion as result, which required hospital treatment. The student has reported the attack to the police who are investigating the case. In addition, the two attackers destroyed the RA’s door with a fire extinguisher. A third person was at the scene as well but is not a resident of the F-building. It is as yet unclear whether this person is an EUR student. Alcohol is believed to have been involved.

The morning after the incident the two students signed a declaration from Stadswonen confirming their eviction from the building. They had to abandon their rooms at that point. It is unknown where they have moved to.

The most serious 

The incident is the most serious to date since the F-building opened in September 2009. Both RAs had warned the two attackers earlier that their behaviour annoyed and disturbed others in the building, the victim explained.

“But at no time was the situation bad enough for anyone to expect this to happen”, Annemarieke van Ettinger-van Herk, manager at Stadswonen says.

‘An incident’

Van Ettinger finds it ‘disturbing’ and ‘disproportionate’ that students go so far as to attack a fellow student. “Our first concern was our RA, who felt intimidated by what had happened. Together with the EUR’s security and the faculty we acted fast. These guys are no longer allowed in or near the F-building. I do not believe we need to review our policies. I take it this was and will remain an incident”, van Ettinger says.

‘Never tolerated’

“RSM considers possible repercussions, but wants to assess the situation carefully before acting. RSM’s reaction should leave no doubt that such behaviour will never be tolerated at RSM and on the Woudestein Campus”, says Adri Meijdam, Executive Director of RSM’s IBA programme. WG/CM