Holding their Oscar in their hands student filmakers proudly posed in front of the family’s photo camera.

Some arrived wearing their tuxedos or evening dresses; others were wearing their normal clothes during the Tube your World Oscar Event on 4 December. EUR students Chiamaka Odikanwa and Edmee Scholte and their crew won two Oscars, because their video portrayed Rotterdam’s hospitality the best, as the jury explained.

Holding their Oscar in their hands the crew proudly posed in front of the family’s photo camera. In the short film South African Chiamaka becomes friends with Dutch Edmee. Edmee brings her friend to different sites in Rotterdam, like the Kralingse Plas and the Euromast. Together they eat stroopwafels. “Apart from the video’s accurate portrayal of Rotterdam’s hospitality, the shots have also been edited creatively and sharply”, jury chairman Kees van Rooijen explains.

Cube houses

In all, four Oscars were awarded in the categories ‘Rotterdam’, ‘Student Life’, ‘ ‘Main Jury Price’ and the ‘audience’s favourite’. Chiamaka and Edmee won in the categories of Rotterdam and the main jury price. EUR students Jonathan Friedman and Laura van de Ven excelled in portraying student life by having alumni from RSM tell about their time in Rotterdam. Last nut not least, Alina Vacari received the ‘publieksprijs’, (chosen by the audience), with her dream in which she draws sketches of Rotterdam’s famous cube houses and the Maas Boulevard, among other Rotterdam sites. Seven hundred people cast their votes. All winners were given a ‘Flip’ videocamera.

Promotion videos

With the Tube your World project, students show how they see Rotterdam. They were assisted during the actual filming and editing by students from the ‘Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam’. The films that won will be used by the EUR as promotion videos for the university and the city of Rotterdam. Tube your World is a joint initiative by the EUR, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Your World.