Join the first Campus run at the Woudestein campus on Thursday 3 December. You can win amazing prizes while at the same time helping raise money to support school children in Africa.

Firstly you pay five euro to join the run. Your starting number, one raffle ticket, and one Glühwein are included in the price. On top of that you are encouraged to raise more money by asking friends, family, neighbours, etc. to support you. Next, you decide how many laps you can run in one hour’s time (maximum) and have them sponsor you per lap. The run starts at 18.00 hours and one lap is approximately 800 meters.

Schools for Africa

The money raised will be donated to ‘Schools for Africa’. This initiative of UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela foundation is supported by CEMS Club Rotterdam. For the first time in the history of Erasmus University, a run is held on campus. It is organized by CEMS in collaboration with the University and the Rotterdam Student Sports Board.


For anyone wanting to come support friends who are running to support them and cheer at the start and finish, a nice cup of Glühwein will be available.

What is CEMS?

CEMS is a strategic alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies. Its first mission is to set a global standard of excellence for pre-experience Master’s in management. On Erasmus University CEMS is hosted by RSM.

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