A typical phenomenon in Dutch student life is the so-called ‘studentenvereniging’.

These student unions are not proper unions, fighting for students’ rights; they are social clubs through which students can make friends, find a place to live, join different societies, start building their networks and drink beer with fellow members.

For Dutch students being in the board of a student union is an interesting addition to their CVs. In Rotterdam relatively few students join a student union, compared with a student city like Leiden, where half of the student population joins one.

During the Eurekaweek therefore the unions, like Laurentius, RSC and Gaudium were out and about to recruit new members. As Dutch as these fraternities may be, international students are welcome to join them. And in a foreign city where everything is new and you do not know many people, it could be a good idea. But be prepared that Dutch will be the language spoken.