Petition about sexual violence among students

In early 2019, Vietnamese student Cece Dao launched a petition: she wanted her alleged attacker (a fellow student in the Communication and Media study programme) to be banned from campus. Because the District Attorney had not yet come to a possible prosecution, the university was forced to act as a judge itself: would it ban a student who was not (yet) being prosecuted, or would it let a possible victim of sexual harassment sit in class with her alleged attacker? The university’s Committee on Sexual Harassment, Aggression and Violence deemed the complaint without grounds after months: there was no case of sexual inappropriate behaviour. However, the university still arranged that Dao no longer had to sit in class with her fellow student. Dao didn’t accept this decision and is considering further legal action.


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EUR student draws up petition to have her assaulter suspended

IBCoM student Cece Dao wants the university to suspend her attacker. The male student is…


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Silent protest against sexual violence in Sanders Building

Student Cece Dao accuses a fellow student of assault and wants him banned from campus.…


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Student no longer obliged to share classes with alleged assaulter

A petition that was signed 2,400 times moved the Erasmus School of History, Culture and…


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‘Dao case does not involve sexually transgressive behaviour’

The complaint submitted to the university by student Cece Dao has been deemed without…

Other incidents

Often incidents in the area of sexual violence or harassment remain behind closed doors, only rarely does someone ring the alarm publicly. In the case of an incident at Erasmus University College, that did happen, albeit briefly. Another attempt to break the silence was #MetooAcademia, a theatre play in which real-life incidents at different universities were re-enacted, without saying where they happened or by whom.

Erasmus University College

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Sexual assault incident at Erasmus University College

The alleged perpetrator is said to have left his bedsit at Stadhuisplein ‘in…


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#MeTooAcademia: ‘Sexual intimidation occurs at universities, as well’

A play about sexual intimidation at universities will hopefully engender a discussion on…

What can you do as a victim?

What can you do if you yourself are the victim of sexual violence? How does the police handle your report? And what if you don’t want to make a declaration to the police, but you still want to talk about it to someone? In the article below we try to answer these questions for you.

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Confidential advisers: ‘Please report harassment’

Erasmus University’s confidential advisers hope that more students and members of staff…


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Rotterdam vice detective: ‘Even if you walked along Coolsingel bare naked, nobody’s allowed to touch you without your consent’

“We’ve seen it before: EUR students who are still forced to sit in the same lecture…


How can the university change if it is a public secret that sexual incidents occur regularly, but hardly any reports are received at the official committees and confidentiality officers? A lot of thought is given to that question.

Campus Woudestein EUR, Tinbergen Building (2018) eerstejaarsquiz

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Why universities are unsafe (work)places

Shouldn’t people be able to feel safe at education institutions of all places? Well,…


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Sexual abuse among students: where does the university fit in?

What measures can a university take if there's a matter of sexual violence? What steps…


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Movements like #MeToo need a ‘zero’

In front of a packed Erasmus Pavilion, Harvard professor Cass Sunstein gave a lecture…

2018-07-31-stille-tocht-verkrachte-studente-foto-Aysha-Gasanova-17 rape

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‘We have to combat sexual violence, and we have to do it now’

Some 500 people took part in a silent march on Tuesday evening to show their respect and…