The high demand for housing within Rotterdam has brought an unprecedented amount of online scammers preying on new students. With no prior experience in finding a room, and with limited knowledge of their new surrounding, international student have become the most vulnerable group towards these housing scams. To make matters worse, it seems no places is safe as scammers have consistently propagated throughout social networks and professional housing websites alike. Can you really trust the person on the other side of the screen?


Many housing scammers active in Rotterdam

Through dozens of false advertisements for student housing, scammers are trying to cheat…


Undercover with the student housing swindlers

A 1.200 euro deposit for a house that doesn’t exist. Swindlers cheat international…


‘I had complete faith in a swindler’

James and Emma fell prey to the same swindler. Now they are having a very hard time…

Fake ads home warning facebook

Saskia fights scamming ‘landlords’

Saskia, a Rotterdam local, is fighting scamming ‘landlords’, and ended up offering a…


‘Scammers use the same tactics as used car dealers’

How do rental scammers convince students to transfer money? ESE researcher Sophie van der…

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