mandeville building; t gebouw

On the road with Cedo Nulli: a lot of fun, and little privacy

EM strung along with study association Cedo Nulli and tried to pin down the typical…


Clichés amongst ESSB students

‘Pedagogical students only drink mint tea’

For a bit of banter, EM asked students within the ESSB to reveal the stereotypes that…


How do magistrates go about their work in their day-to-day business?

Irene van Oorschot studied magistrates’ everyday legal practice. As part of her…


Renske Keizer, 34, does everything at a young age

It’s been a great week for Keizer. The Dutch government agreed to an extension of…


An unwilling squatting expert

Sociologist, Hans Pruijt, once wrote about squatting from personal interest and…


The three ESSB candidates for University council introduce themselves

‘There are two structural problems here: work pressure and diversity’

This week, employees from the ESSB can vote in the University Council election. The three…


What is it like to be a student for one day?

‘The programme sounds like you’re going to save the world’

It's decision time for soon-to-be high school graduates. Will they choose to enrol after…


Five things to know about ESSB

ESSB founder Jacques van Doorn retired from his professorship before actually reaching…


Interview with dean Victor Bekkers

‘Sometimes high workload is also synonymous with other problems within an organisation’

Victor Bekkers has served as the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Studies’ dean…


ESSB employee Janine van der Linden has a remarkable hobby.

‘Each doll is unique’

What do ESSB’s people do in their spare time? Janine van der Linden creates Waldorf…

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What makes ESSB so special?

EM is on Tour and reporter Shreya aks student and staff what makes their faculty ESSB so…