On Monday, students still had issues finding their way around. Coming from the Erasmus Plaza some had to turn around to find alternative routes to the northern part. Part of the Institutenlaan is now closed. The square in front of the Theil building is partially blocked due to construction of the Tinbergen building. A shortcut to the library past the small pond is now blocked by a fence.

Campus map

institutenlaan afgesloten renovatie tinbergen 2 foto Maya Barakova
There are two routes during the renovations: the hare route and the turtle route. Image credit: Maya Barakova

Banners and signs are put throughout the campus indicating people which routes to take. People can use a campus map provided by the university to check which alternative routes they can take.

Students and staff who wish to go from the northern to the southern side of campus, can take a faster path entering campus near the Sport building called the ‘hare route’, or the ‘turtle route’, a slower more narrow path past G Building and E building.

tinbergen renovation artist impression 2024 foto EUR

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