EURvision is a song-writing contest organised each year by Erasmus Music Association and Studium Generale. First, 24 students participated in the semi-final where they sung their own written song. After, the public voted for the participants who most impressed them and sent twelve singers to the grand final. Here, the band of Erasmus Music Association accompanied them during their performance, shaping their song into a real professional piece of music.

The contest was supposed to happen on 16 May already, but due to the closing of the buildings on campus that day, out of fear for riots during an announced pro-Palestine protest, it was postponed by a week. The last-minute cancellation caused a lot of stress for Frits van Schendel, president of the Erasmus Music Association. “I was thinking of how we could resolve it. I’m very happy that it’s happening now, and I think it was the right call to move it, for the safety of everyone and out of respect for everything that is going on.” Harut, member of the band Sanctified, adds:” I know the event was moved because of some protests that I found rightful. To be fair, I think the situation could have been handled better by the university, but really there is not much we can do about it.”

Full of adrenaline

Christina claimed victory at the EURvision song contest with her rap performance

The organisers managed to create an immersive musical experience for the singer and spectators. Christina, the winner of this year’s edition, amazed everybody with her rapping skills. Still in shock about her win and full of adrenaline she says: “I feel so glad and thankful for everyone who was here for me. I was stressing so bad before, but I just let myself be free on the stage.”

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