In the proposal, the University Council informed that women in particular feel uncomfortable sharing the toilet with people of a different gender identity. “This unease is exactly what non-binary people also experience when they have to choose between the gender-segregated toilets,” the board responded. “Multiple groups of people share these concerns.”

Adding a third, non-binary toilet area is not feasible and not necessarily the intention, the board explains. Therefore, from the perspective of inclusion, the board has converted existing gender-segregated toilet groups into all-gender toilets: “No toilets are taken from anyone, they can just be used by everyone.”

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University Council aims to halve number of all-gender toilets

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Number will not be halved

The University Council called the number of gender-neutral toilets ‘unbalanced’ with the number of non-binary students and staff. It therefore called for the all-gender toilets to be halved. “First of all, the distribution is not meant to be balanced on the percentage of non-binary people,” the board noted. “An all-gender toilet is not meant for only non-binary people, it is meant to be an accessible toilet for everyone.” So the number of toilets will remain the same for now.

Urinals and mirrors

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The council said it has received complaints from women who prefer toilets without urinals. The urinals will not be removed because they consume less water, the board concluded. However, the board is aware that not everyone is comfortable with them. In existing buildings, the urinals are often open and close to the entrance and it is not feasible to hide them behind a door because of the layout of the toilet groups. “Therefore, we have placed signs on all all-gender toilets indicating whether urinals are present, allowing those who wish to avoid them to do so,” explains the board. “In future renovations, we can put urinals behind doors.”

The board also offers a solution for women who want to adjust their headscarves in the toilet: mirrors will be hung in the toilet cubicle.

Better distribution

The university council also called for better distribution of toilets. Most all-gender toilets are located on the ground floor, which is not convenient, the council believes. “These areas are the most visited, thus ensuring the highest level of social control,” the board reasoned.

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The board will take a further detailed look at the board’s proposal. For a thorough study, the board needs more time. “Adjustments regarding screens at urinals, mirrors, signage, including the financial implications will be taken into consideration,” the board writes. “We take these concerns seriously because the need for inclusion applies to everyone. Our goal is to be inclusive for all students, staff and visitors.”

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