Monday last week, students could not enter their association rooms in the P-building. The entire building was closed due to a break-in. In the afternoon, the associations received an email from the university. “They told us to investigate whether we had lost things and if so, we were advised to make a report to the police,” says chair Wouter ‘t Hart from student consultancy UniPartners. At the association, a portable speaker and a camera were stolen. Together, they’re worth around 500 euros, ‘t Hart estimated.

The office of student investor association B&R Beurs was also targeted. At that association, laptops and a speaker had disappeared. Like UniPartners, the board of B&R Beurs has filed a report.

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Another break-in at Woudestein, P-building closed all morning

There was a break-in at the P-building on Monday morning. At 8:00 am, theft and burglary…

Extra lock on window

The students assume that the perpetrators climbed in through the windows. “There is no official information on exactly how the culprits broke in,” says B&R Beurs chair Luc Boender. “But the windows were open when we arrived on Monday morning.” Moreover, since Monday, an extra lock has been put on the window by the university.

Do the student associations take measures after the incident? “Not really, but at the end of the day, we do pay close attention to what kind of stuff we leave behind,” says Boender.

More theft on campus

In the email to student associations, the university informs that the burglary took place Sunday night last week between 10.40pm and 0.30am. A total of nine rooms were broken into. According to a press officer, the EUR cannot provide further information due to an ongoing investigation. They will also not comment on any tightened security measures.

This is the second time in a short time that the campus has been burgled. Earlier this year, 16,000 worth of audio and video material was stolen from the Pavilion.


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