With their ‘travel product’, students can travel for free on public transport from Monday to Friday (if they have a weekly card) or from Friday afternoon to Sunday (with a weekend card).

But beware, next Thursday is an official holiday: Ascension Day. That means free travel with a weekend-ov card and only discount with a weekly-ov.

Also good to know: with a weekend card, you can already travel for free from 12 noon on Wednesday (and of course you can also travel all Wednesday with a week card).

The Friday after Ascension Day is a normal Friday, even though many people take time off and it is also the May holiday. Students can travel on that day as in normal weeks: free all day with a weekly pass and free from 12 noon onwards with a weekend pass.

table student public transport card

Good Friday is the only holiday on which anyone with a student OV card can travel for free, regardless of their weekly or weekend pass. But that day has already been this year.


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