Erwin Olaf – Grief expressed in 7 photographs

As you’re entering the gallery, your attention is drawn to the set of photographs by Erwin Olaf, who portraits grief in 7 different circumstances. The main piece, called Grace, depicts a middle-aged woman suffering and crying from an unknown reason.

Though it may seem photoshopped, Bode reveals the technique of the artist: “This is a constructed image. He had a proper studio where he planned out each minuscule detail of this image. Each object is put at that specific place for one reason. Moreover, he directed the way the people are acting.“

Scarlett Hooft Graafland – The Surreal of analog photography

Scarlett Hooft Graafland is an adventurous photographer, she travels around the world to connect with local people and to express her understanding of their culture through photography. One of her photos depicts a truck in the middle of a desert with an exploding load: coca plants.  The strong nuance of blue contrasts in a harmonious way the white of the desert and the green of the leaves.

This way she raises the awareness towards the consumption of drugs in South America.

According to Bode, she loves to surprise herself by seeing the image for the first time while she develops it.This is the excitement of analog photography, he says, being astonished by your own work.

Hendrik Kerstens – Fruit bag transformed into medieval hair net

On the left side of the Gallery, there is a pair of blue eyes that are following you. This is Paula, the daughter of the artist Hendrik Kerstens. He concentrates most of his work on capturing the evolution of his daughter from birth. The picture tends to depict a young girl from the medieval period, with a pure soul represented by her emotive eyes. What seems to be a medieval hair net, is  actually a bag for fruits. This is the method of Kerstens: he transforms the everyday materials into a completely new object.

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