At the sound of the starting pistol shot, more than 280 students and employees of Erasmus University started running for the Erasmus Charity Run, a sub event of the Rotterdam Marathon. The excitement and the energy of the runners created a vibrant atmosphere across Rotterdam. The city was full of people willing to support the runners.

The Erasmus Charity Run is a long standing tradition to raise money for scholarships for future students at Erasmus University.  e run is a special part of the official Rotterdam Marathon. Participants can choose between the quarter marathon or the full 42 kilometre marathon.

Barely able to sleep last night because of the excitement, Vitalii, a Marketing master student,  was pumped to finish this run in a record time. Moreover, he admitted that running is a way to keep him sane: “I’ve been running for a few years now, I love it! It’s a form of meditation.”

At the start line, Uroš , a master student of Health Economics,  is a bit more worried:” If I die, then I die, but I am sure I will have fun with my friends.”

Giving back

Derman is a Philosophy student who had the luck to receive the scholarship last year. Now he is participating in the Charity Run to pay forward what was offered to him.

“I am very grateful for receiving the chance to be here. I don’t think I’d imagined myself studying at Erasmus University. This is why I want to offer to others the opportunity that was given to me.”

After the marathon, exhausted and happy to have achieved his goal, he encourages everyone to take part in this charitable event next year.

Staircase run – Finish line – solo runner finishing – Mandeville – June – 2023 – Ali Alshamayleh

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