Wand Play, Egg Play, Ring Play – these are the latest additions to the supermarket’s assortment on Campus Woudestein. Some students were quite surprised when they first saw the sex toys. “I was shocked when I saw them,” says Natalia Becerra. Others commented on the prices “We looked at the prices and wondered who might buy these,” says Victor.

The question of who would purchase these sex toys prevails amongst the students. Not everyone would buy them at the campus supermarket: “I certainly wouldn’t do it here, it’s a bit like buying condoms”, says Saveliy Karakashev.

Heysham Mansi of the Spar confesses that the toys are not yet selling as well as he expected, but enough to keep them on the shelves and keep selling them.

Students, meanwhile, fantasize about where the sex toys could be used. Natalia remembers a suitable spot in the University Library. “Everyone goes straight to the Mindfulnest with it.”



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