The horizontal mural consists of black and white areas with sharp corners that can be seen across the width of the bicycle basement. The location is fundamental for the purpose of this piece of art. The bike park is not a completely closed space, but neither an open space. Coloured in black and white, with some nuances of red and grey, the undefined geometrical shapes tend to enlarge the existing space, by giving a sense of a landscape.

Bode notes the transition from the hectic city life to the calmness offered by his art: “Before this, you probably were on your way on your bike through the city. This is a place where you can have some quiet and kind of all the impressions of the bike ride mellow down in your head.”

Art is for everyone

Bode extends the artwork to the employees’ part of the bike park, offering them the same experience the students are part of. Even if it may seem strongly connected to the previous part, it is done in such a manner that you can perceive it as a self-contained creation.

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