What the student has done wrong exactly TU Delft will not say, reports Delta, but he is said to have repeatedly caused harm to others. He was already banned from campus previously.

According to a TU spokesperson, it is ‘very exceptional, if not unique’ for a student to be expelled like this.  The  former student can ask for a reconsideration of the decision in a year’s time.

Serious nuisance

The Higher Education and Scientific Research Act (HRA or WHW in Dutch) states that the board of a university or hogeschool can temporarily or even permanently deregister a student who causes serious nuisance on campus.

However, according to university association UNL, this ‘rarely happens’, but it doesn’t have national figures available. Higher education expert Peter Kwikkers also sees that it almost never happens. “But you only hear about it if the student resists and it goes to court.”

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