The basic student grant made a comeback in September and as of 1 January, the scope of the supplementary grant has also been widened. This means that more students are eligible.

They receive the supplementary grant if their parents’ income is lower than 70,000 euros. This upper limit used to be 53,900 euros. Those who have student brothers or sisters are even more likely to be eligible.

Even more students will end up receiving the supplementary grant, DUO predicts, because for 64 thousand students ‘additional details’ are required to determine their eligibility.

'Great to see'

Minister Dijkgraaf thinks it’s “great to see that we’ve been able to improve the financial situations of so many students in higher education by widening the scope of the supplementary grant’.

The wider scope of the supplementary grant is particularly important for parents with a middle income, he believes. “Together with the reintroduction of the basic student grant, the increased accessibility to the supplementary grant ensures greater financial peace of mind for students”, Dijkgraaf expects. “And that gives young people a good start and perspective.”

He’s also ‘very happy’ that efforts to get more students to apply for a supplementary grant have been successful. Nowadays, the ‘box’ for the supplementary grant is checked by default when someone applies for student financing. This ensures fewer students miss out on the grant by mistake.

Borrow less

Thanks to the supplementary grant, students don’t have to borrow as much. If they haven’t lowered their monthly loan amount, they receive a letter from DUO making them aware of the new situation.

The supplementary grant amounts to a maximum of 457.60 euros per month. This is on top of the basic grant of 121 euros for students living at home and 466.69 euros per month for students living away from home. The latter amount includes a temporary increase of 164.30 euros, which will cease to apply as of September.

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