Most of the students agree with the results of their top artists and songs of 2023.“My favourite artist was Bad Bunny and the favourite song it was Ojitos Lindos”, Santiago said. “Yeah, I went to a The Weeknd concert and I think that’s why he was also my most listened artist in June when the concert was”, said Juco.

Some of them were surprised by their Spotify Wrapped outcome. “I wasn’t expecting so many sad songs out of my top five. Apparently all the songs from my sad playlist are in the top”, Vera realised. “My favourite artist was random. It was Justin Hurwitz, which is a composer for movies”, Linda said.

Hanneke didn’t realise what kind of songs she listened to the most. “I had one Christian band on it, which is not very surprising because I am Christian, but I didn’t know I listened to them that much.”

Some students do not agree with their Wrapped results. “I don’t think it’s accurate from my feeling. I know it’s accurate, I mean they have the data, but, your most listened artists and your most listened songs can be something entirely different”, said Philip.