Krijger explains the risks of AI such as ChatGPT, since it’s for the first time that we give technologies the opportunity to make its own decisions. And while teaching the AI to make those decisions, unwanted patterns can emerge that may lead to discrimination, for example. Krijger mentions a few examples of this already happening.

Also, there’s a glimpse of the winning short movie of the 84 hour film contest by Studium Generale. Paul Hartwig accidentally joined the winning team in the preparatory phase, so he can show us how the winning movie was made.

Reporter Sanne Engelen went to the EenVandaag/EFR political debate in Ahoy and asked students what they were going to vote during the general elections, with sometimes surprising results.

And in the first episode of the Student Cookbook, reporter Julia Kenig went to the XIOR building to get a taste of roommates Vartika and Anisha’s favourite comfort food: a lentil soup with lots of spices.

The next episode will be published in the week of 18 December.

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