Have you ever wondered what is it like to date a stereotypical German guy? “Germans are generally considered to be cold and efficient people. I think we’re not as open and direct about dating as other people are, just from my personal experience”, says German student Max Brockmeyer.


If you are looking for someone open and romantic, you should go for Italians! They would often buy flowers and take care of their partners, goes the stereotype. What is interesting, looks doesn’t really matter to the Italian students on campus. “I like blonde, I like brown hair, I like lovely, I like less lovely”, says Italian student Guilio Camuti. The most important thing for student Luca Martellucci to have the same views and ‘values’ in a relationship. “As long as she doesn’t support the wrong team, I’m happy.”


If you are dreaming of an IKEA date with a Swedish guy, don’t forget to take your wallet with you! How the typical Swedes would behave in a relationship? “I think we’re kind of equal. We will split the bill on a date”, Swedish student Elias Jeppsson explains.

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