Miloe says her love life is ‘really bad’. “I don’t approach people because I’m very shy, and other people don’t approach me either, I don’t know why.” How does she get a date then? “I don’t! That’s my secret”, she laughs.

The love life of Phil (Psychology) is also lacking a bit, he says. “I wish there was a bit more action, but hopefully in the next couple of months I get it done, if you know what I mean.” What would his perfect date look like? “I like a good hike. A bit of hiking, a bit of drinking… There has to be drinking. If the girl doesn’t drink it’s a red flag, in my opinion. There has to be just some fun in there. You get kind of loose, and she gets kind of loose, and things flow from there.”

Rejected 27 times

Ezra (Public Administration) mostly uses Tinder to find dates, but not in the Netherlands. “I only do it now when I’m abroad.” He shows his phone. “These are my matches from Paris. I downloaded the app there and thought: ‘Let’s hope I find somebody I really like’. And it worked! I tried it in the Netherlands but here it was always not it for me. I don’t have a lot of interest in Dutch guys for some reason.”

Economics & Business Economics  student Tarek is very experienced in being rejected, he admits. “Yeah, like 27 times.” How did he manage the rejections? “You drink. But that’s not a healthy way! So I call my mom, cry a little bit, but it works out in the end.”


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