My silence is a silent protest against injustice. I choose to speak without words, to act without resorting to violence or screams. This way, I can turn the spotlight onto what really matters without verbal and aural noise.

Silence gives me room to reflect and look for answers to the questions that I have as I lose myself in my own thoughts. How in God’s name could this have happened? How did we get this far? How can we ever put things right?

Silence allows me to withdraw, close myself off and catch my breath. Silence connects me with others who are silent and grants me space to process what has happened.

Silence lets me realise that we are all vulnerable, whatever our differences. Life itself is vulnerable. We must cherish it, enjoy the little things and cherish each other. Silence permits me to dream of a world without violence.

Silence shows me that words are not always necessary, and that silence is the most persuasive language of all. I am speechless and silent.

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