The map drawn by illustrator collective ikRotterdam is as clear and uncluttered as possible, as life is confusing enough, since the H building doesn’t correspond to the Hatta building but to the Tinbergen building, while the T building (obviously!) refers to the Mandeville building. To clarify, the buildings on the map with only a letter (pink) are clearly distinguishable from those with a name and a (non-corresponding) letter (yellow).

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Which building is which? Guide to never get lost on campus

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The map also features students. “Not too many, because then it could be difficult to discern the necessary information”, says Marc Kolle of IkRotterdam. But they are on it for a reason. “We drew the people there to show what you can do at that particular spot. At the tennis court, for example, you see people playing tennis, in the park you see them picnicking”, Lang adds. At campus pub In de Smitse, there is someone who has been drinking a little too much.

Stop by the Erasmus Magazine stall during the information market on campus day to get your map (or print it yourself).