Good Friday is an official public holiday in the Netherlands, but is not a compulsory day off. The shops are open as normal and many people have to work. Universities of applied sciences and research universities are closed. But does this day come under the weekday or weekend subscription?

According to the DUO website, Good Friday is the only day of the year on which all students are allowed to travel free of charge from early morning to late evening with their public transport pass. The transport companies report, however, that free travel with a weekend pass will be possible as early as noon on Thursday.

The same does not apply to Easter Monday. As on all the other public holidays, only students with a weekend pass can travel free of charge, students with a weekday pass have to pay. But they get a discount, as at the weekend: 40 percent on train journeys and 34 percent on travel by tram, bus, metro and waterbus. If they take the train, three people can travel with them at a discount during off-peak hours.

According to a spokesperson for DUO, the information on the website is being amended.

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