Lights out, heating or air conditioning off, doors locked: as from 1 April, the offices on campus will close at 19:30 on working days. This way, the university expects to save between 5 and 10 percent on energy. At the moment, most buildings close at 22:30.

Employees will still have the option to work after closing time, on the condition that they complete the necessary form at least one working day in advance. Those who choose to do so are advised to dress up warmly (or wear light clothing, depending on the weather), as all installations will have switched to night mode.

Workplaces in the library

Employees will still have access to the lower floor of the University Library without having to complete the form. This floor will be open between 19:00 and midnight on working days and between 10:00 and 21:00 at weekends. Head of Education Support Ineke van de Kramer confirms that twenty workspaces will be available on this floor from April. This number may increase, depending on how many employees use the University Library to work at night.

Teaching and meeting rooms will continue to be available for hire after 19:30 in the energy-efficient Langeveld, Theil and Polak buildings. For study areas, things will remain as before.


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