Residents: Silvia, Matilde, Rafaela, Maja

Where: Rotterdam South

Trademark: Huge window in the kitchen with a metro passing by in front of it

“Anyone who enters the house takes a picture with us, should we take one right now?” – Silvia asks, pointing at the bathroom door where sixteen polaroid pictures of guests are exhibited. She and her three roommates live in a spacious two-floor apartment with a beautiful view on the Rijnhaven metro and the Maassilo. The walls of the apartment are filled with creative works. But that’s not the only special thing about the place – Silvia, Matilde, Rafaela, and Maja claim to be home with the most love in Rotterdam.

Their claim: Most loving home in Rotterdam

Why: Safe space, cuddles, long convos on the couch, having dinner together everyday

Most authentic aspect: Everyone who comes in feels loved

Best decoration: Hand-made disco ball which reflects sunlight in the afternoon

Final judgment: The love and care between Maja, Rafaela, Matilde, and Silvia can be felt in the first seconds someone enters the house – their excitement while talking about their time together truly represents the spirit of ‘Rotterdam’s most loving home’.

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