In this episode of EM TV, presenter Feba Sukmana talks with students Rita Mousa from Syria and Ela Şenbak from Turkey about the impact of the major earthquake on their lives. Rita talks about how bad the situation in Syria is. “Many people in Syria died under the rubble because we don’t have tools and electricity to get them out,” she says. “I had to wait hours for messages from my family, they couldn’t reach me because they had no electricity. I also know people who had to stay outside for days because their houses were simply not safe.”

Also in EM TV: the Erasmus Sustainability Hub organised cooking workshop to raise money for survivors in Syria and employees speak out about the university’s new vegan policy.

Donations for Turkey can be made through Ela’s GoFundMe page. For Syria, it can be done through the Syrian Arab Red Crescent,among others. The Italian organisation Pro Terra Sancta is raising money for the Aleppo area.

You can contact Rita on her Instagram: @Rita_Mousaa.