Examination boards do not yet have a specific policy for the chatbot, according to a university spokesperson, but they agree that the use of the software constitutes fraud. “It is important that work submitted by a student is an original work of their own,” said the spokesperson. “This is the only way to make an assessment of the student’s knowledge and ability.”

Nobody caught in the act

So far, the spokesperson revealed that nobody has been caught using the software. It is difficult to determine whether a student has used it, because it has only been accessible to a broad audience since the end of last year.

The chatbot can create entire writing assignments, such as essays. It works very simply: you type in what you want, and a few seconds later the text appears on your screen.

The university can also identify opportunities in the field of AI software. It would be possible to implement chatbots in education, as long as multiple test forms are available and lecturers can assess their students on the basis of their own knowledge, said the spokesperson.

Early next month, the Community for Learning and Innovation (CLI) will host a meeting on ChatGPT. This will be attended by staff from faculties and examination boards, as well as innovation experts and students.

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