The COVID-19 pandemic marked the beginning of the end for Erasmus Academy, as the academy was forced to cancel its in-person classes. This led to substantial losses in the first two years of the pandemic, with prospects also failing to improve in the aftermath. The management of EUR Holding therefore decided to discontinue all of the academy’s activities with effect from 1 January 2023.

Ten jobs lost

The institute’s ten employees were informed of the news in October. Many of them have since found work elsewhere. Current courses will continue until completion. Erasmus Academy’s full range of courses has been taken over by other organisations. These courses are listed on the institute’s website.

The Higher Education for the Elderly (HOVO) course at Erasmus Academy had already been discontinued last year. However, the HOVO courses are starting up again, with HOVO Utrecht now offering several courses in Rotterdam. Other departments at EUR also offer programmes for alumni and professionals.

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