“Pickles, Pickles, Pickles!” Olga, Zuzanna, and Dominika had no doubts about the most authentic and their favourite Polish item in their apartment. In a kitchen filled with snacks their parents brought all the way from Poland, the girls prepared a traditional soup called Zalewajka. However, food is not the only thing that the girls brought to their apartment, which they call ‘The most Polish apartment’ in Rotterdam.

The neighbours, with whom the girls are maintaining a good relationship, learned pretty fast that Polish blood is flowing through their neighbours’ veins. “The first time we met the upstairs neighbour, he asked us if we were Polish because he hears those swear words all the time”, Olga explains while laughing.

Residents: Olga, Zuzanna, Dominika

Rent: 1650 all inclusive

Where: Rotterdam city centre, close to Blaak

Trademark: Thin walls

Of course, the girls also need to rest to recharge their Polish temperament. For Olga, there is no better way to do that than in her grandmother’s bed sheets which are not only authentic and comfortable but also look pretty. Zuzanna and Dominika also made sure to represent their culture in their rooms by adding postcards, diplomas, and posters from their hometowns. Lastly, the doormat — with ‘Goodday’ and ‘Goodbye’ in Polish on it – in front of the entrance door leaves no doubt that the three girls are living in the most Polish Apartment in Rotterdam.

Their claim: Most Polish Apartment

Why: Pickles, pickles, and more pickles

Most authentic aspect: Neighbour knew they were Polish without talking to them

Best decoration: Local postcards and pictures

Final judgement: The title is well deserved. Polish culinary, decorations and temperament throughout the whole apartment – and apparently the upstairs one as well.

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