Ben, Jules and two other friends have been living in their apartment in Kralingen for almost a year now. While many students struggle to find housing, the process went reasonably smoothly for these four students. “After living in Xior for a year, we contacted second-year students that were going on exchange and therefore moving out of their apartments,” says Ben. This way, they were able to contact the landlord before the apartment was advertised to other students. The monthly rent for the apartment is 2400 euros, which they evenly divide between the four of them. The price includes furniture but excludes utilities such as water, gas and wi-fi.

Neighbours are ‘chill about it’ 

Recently, students living in Kralingen received complaints and criticism from local residents for partying and causing disturbances. Fortunately, the four Business Administration students were not affected by it and never had any problems with their neighbours. Jules: “We did come with the ambition to party a bit, but the neighbours on either side are chill about it.”