Discussions on connecting the river banks of De Esch and Feijenoord have been on the table for some time. A connection would solve traffic problems and provide a better public transport connection. The bridge should also reduce the number of cars driving through the city centre.

No metro

The mayor and aldermen are aiming at  a city bridge running from Nesserdijk to Olympiaweg. They prefer a bridge over a metro tunnel because a tunnel is more expensive. The new bridge is mainly for pedestrians, cyclists and a tram line, with limited car traffic.

Direct connection from Zuidplein

The tram line across the bridge would connect Kralingse Zoom with Zuidplein. This should ensure that the university literally and figuratively moves closer to young people in South. The EUR can be reached within ten minutes from Zuidplein station.

The municipal council will discuss the plans in October. In November, Rotterdam will consult on the plans with the surrounding municipalities, the province and the national government. If everything goes according to plan, construction work should start in 2030.