Recent International Management graduate De Ridder (24) is relieved that the path is now there. With her initiative she wanted to send out the signal that ‘here you can be whoever you want to be’. According to the inventor, the path, which can be found next to the Erasmus Pavilion, is mainly intended as a conversation opener. “With the construction of the path, the EUR indicates that more needs to be done and within education and organizations on campus more attention needs to be paid to the acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ community. So it’s a great start and a first step towards more awareness and acceptance.”

About the date of the official opening Marit is still in discussion with the EUR. “At the moment, the Opening of the Academic Year and Coming Out Day are options.”

The design features the eleven colors of the Progress flag, which together symbolize all subgroups of all ethnic backgrounds in the LGBTIQ+ community.

The rainbow zebra crossing covers a total of 58 square meters and is applied in three layers with a special coating. The EUR wants to ensure the durability of the path with this. The paint company that painted the crossing gave an estimate at the time of execution that the path will last ten years.

Although De Ridder does not specifically mention the costs of the realization, she does let it be known that the amount is considerable. The Hummingbird Fund of the Rotterdam School of Management, the Diversity & Inclusion department, COC Netherlands and Erasmus Pride all contributed to the realization of the path.

Marit de Ridder plaatsing regenboogzebrapad EUR 2 – Ali Alshamayleh

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