The ballot boxes have now closed. Everyone is invited to the awards ceremony at The Bye Bye Show at 4pm on Tuesday.

The time has come! Voting is now open for the Student of the Year. This is not a student who has distinguished themselves with high grades or extra credits. Studium Generale and EM were looking for students who have selflessly worked for others. This might be inside or outside the study programme, in society life, in a personal capacity or something else.

Selection procedure

The ballot paper is at the bottom of this post. Before you vote, let us explain how we chose our top five. Students could be nominated online. We received over sixty nominations. From this list, a jury chose five students to continue to the final round. That jury consists of lecturers Ana Uribe Sandoval (ESHCC), Farshida Zafar (ErasmusX, ESL) and Richard Haans (RSM), student and EM columnist Mina Morkoç (ESL) and staff member Bram Henssen (student matters).

The top five

The top five are: Amir Abdelmoumen, Berfu Ege Söbe, Geneeskundestudenten In De Samenleving, Kyra Mulders and Sandra Garstka. Read more about them here:

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‘Medical students know it: if shit happens, go to Amir’

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Berfu is striving for a sustainable future

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GIDS -student of the year 2022 – Alisa Mahaletska

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Kyra Mulders-student of the year 2022 foto 2 – Alisa Mahaletska

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Kyra wants an accessible campus for everyone

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Sandra Garstka-student of the year 2022 – Alisa Mahaletska

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Sandra never expected her donation campaign for Ukraine to become this big

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The final

The student with the most votes wins. Online voting closes at 15.00 on 14 June. During The Bye Show, the unofficial closing of the academic year on 14 June, we will announce the Student of the Year. Guests at the show will get an extra vote.

The programme for 14 June includes more than just the vote. There will be a mini lecture by development psychologist Lysanne te Brinke about the impact of the past Covid year, and a performance by the winners of the EURVision Songcontest.

Let the voting begin!

The ballot boxes are closed!