As a EUR student, you can cast your vote between Monday 16 May and Tuesday 24 May, 23:59 on this page.

The candidate list is ordered in order of receipt by the Central Electoral Committee. The texts below were supplied by the candidates themselves and are published unedited (links were removed). Candidates were free to deliver a statement in both Dutch and English. EM didn’t translate the Dutch statements, so if candidates failed to deliver an English version, you will find the Dutch version below.

Shrey Khurana

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(Independent candidate)

My name is Shrey Khurana, and I am a first-year IBCOMM student and my humblest intentions are to apply for the position of a member of the university council. I believe that my competencies perfectly fit the challenges and requirements for the role. I have undertaken leadership since a tender age and vastly respect the qualities it has taught me over the years. I have personally appreciated a multicultural, multi-ethnic background since my childhood which I believe sensitised me to the complexities that such differences bring.

As a member of this council, I intend to doctor and represent student interests, which I believe is more necessary now than ever because of the changes that come with an offset of a pandemic. I think that the transition from a hybrid to a completely offline education would bring with it a more confusing approach to education. It would make the entire education experience vastly different for the people who have enjoyed a choice-based hybrid option till now. Furthermore, the incoming students have been majorly used to an online educational approach for the past three years and would have to transition to an offline mode and cope with the changes that present themselves with university life.

I believe that my candidacy could bring a smooth and efficient process to the student-faculty interaction, and this will help both parties negotiate their best interests.

Ralph Ivar Berkman

02. Ralph Ivar Berkman Picture

(Independent candidate)

Dear fellow student.

During my time as a student of both Sociology and Philosophy, I have managed to be very active in a wide array of student organizations. These associations include RSG, PISE and just a year ago I was a board member for the Erasmus Debating Society (EDS). As a board member, I made it my personal responsibility to ensure that everyone’s voice was heard.

The need for making sure that your voice is heard has only grown in significance during Covid-19 where it has become clear that we need to work on strengthening our brilliant community. However, ensuring that you are heard is something which can be made difficult due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, I plan to assist fellow students with this through either having direct meetings or e-mail contact with any student that desires so.

Another key area on which the university should place more focus is the mental health of both students and faculty. Improvements in this area need to be made and as someone with ADHD I want to provide my unique perspective and contribute to more effective development in policies involving this matter.

I believe that these and other changes are needed to ensure that Erasmus remains a place where everyone can truly proper. My ambition therefore is to work in a team with likeminded people and make sure that these changes will be made.

Together we can make a better Erasmus for all.

List Aeffix

What we stand for? (Not ranked by importance)

Equity in education

Education is a fundamental human right, from which no sociocultural group should be excluded. We want to implement anonymous grading to reduce biased assessments. Additionally, we aim to cooperate with EUR and the Rotterdam municipality to increase availability of affordable and hospitable student housing.

Students are more than their achievements

A deeply rooted threat to well-being in university is a culture that praises success and achievement above all else. For this, our focus must move towards a ‘compassionate university’ in which student success comes before study success. We aim to reform our community to one that provides opportunities for high-achievers and support for those who need it, so everyone has an equal chance to grow.

Lessons from the pandemic

Lockdowns heavily impacted our community. As we move towards a new normal, post-pandemic educational needs must be reassessed. We want to investigate how hybrid education impacts students, well-being, and educational quality. This will allow us to learn from the past and improve our experience at EUR.

Building bridges

Connections facilitate learning. Our university has a diverse body of students and personnel. To tap into our full potential we want to see more interdisciplinarity in our curriculum. We want to streamline the minors offered so that no student is prevented from exploring new ideas. We also believe that our university should take a leading role in making a positive societal impact both locally and globally, by taking concrete stances on important societal issues.

For more information, please check the Aeffix website.

1. Patryk Jarmakowicz

03. Aeffix 1. Patryk Jarmakowicz Picture

(List Aeffix)

Hi! My name is Patryk Jarmakowicz, a third year MISOC student, current University Council member, and the founder of this list. Over the past year, I have been working with the university policymakers on increasing the availability and quality of study spaces (effects soon to come!), investments in innovative education and have voiced concerns of my fellow students regarding double scheduling of exams and LGBT+ inclusion.

Effective council work requires continuity, as changing an institution as big as EUR requires time. Therefore, I once again ask for your trust in me to finish what I started.

What can you expect from me in the coming year?

  1. Safeguarding student well-being in my council work.
  2. Supporting, initiating, and facilitating projects that concern diversity, inclusion, and a safe learning environment for everyone.
  3. Creating higher-quality study spaces that respond to our changing needs.
  4. Making sure that our education is innovative and prepares us for our futures.

Furthermore, I promise to, just as this year, stay open to the concerns, ideas, and problems that you voice to me and my fellow Aeffix members. I want everyone to feel comfortable with bringing their ideas to our attention so we can do what we are supposed to do, voice the position of students in the Erasmus University Council. It is our university, and I will make sure we are always heard to my best abilities.

2. Sandra Constantinou Juhasz

03. Aeffix 2. Sandra Constantinou Juhasz Picture

(List Aeffix)

In this past year, our Council achieved many amazing accomplishments. I wish to be a part of this driving force once more.

Last year, through my Council work, I was able to achieve things I had not imagined possible before. For one, after lengthy discussions with the Rector Magnificus and Supervisory Board, I have managed to initiate within-EUR research on hybrid education starting next academic year. Because students deserve to learn in the way that fits them.

Additionally, to address student well-being through a more tailored approach, I am currently working with the university in establishing more student-oriented approaches to well-being. Like this, we can address difficult issues we all face through dialogue, in a comfortable environment.

However, more than anything, I wish to continue listening to students and helping them navigate through university. Indeed, some of the most rewarding experiences have come from being able to help individuals in distress, and assuring them that they are heard, acknowledged, and important.

Last year was the start. This year, I wish to see these projects and more, geared towards student needs, become fully materialised. Most importantly, I wish to do this with my fellow members as we all continue working towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and unified EUR. Thus, I ask you to trust me once more, and vote for me in the 2022-2023 University Council elections!

3. Tom van Dijken

03. Aeffix 3. Tom van Dijken Picture

(List Aeffix)

My name is Tom, I am a fourth year Criminology and Philosophy student with a little over 22 years of life experience. In this short motivation I will elaborate on my choice for candidacy within the University Council.

During the past few years, I have contributed to several participatory bodies within the Erasmus School of Law – the Programme Committee and the Faculty Council. Within these bodies I have learned how important it is to let the voice of students be heard, this is my main motivation for joining the University council.

While discussing relevant topics I enjoy taking a different approach and try to focus on the topics of ‘hybrid education’ and ‘student-success’. The topic of ‘student success’ lies closest to my heart. I think this can best be achieved by creating an environment at the Erasmus University where all students, staff, and alumni can learn from each other and find the right tools to develop themselves. Thereby allowing them to make a meaningful contribution to their environment. Furthermore, I think that the developments concerning new forms of ‘hybrid education’ and other changes as a consequence of the pandemic require special attention, to see what works best from an educational and student perspective.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my candidacy, hopefully, I can count on your vote to participate in the University Council next year!

4. Friso Roos

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(List Aeffix)

My name is Friso Roos and I’m 23 years old. I just finished my Policy Economics master’s and currently, I’m finishing my master’s in Company Law. Next year I will start my master’s in State- and Administrative Law.

This year I had the pleasure of being a student representative in both the Faculty Council of the ESL and the University Council. The past year I was involved in many interesting, but also challenging topics. For instance, how to handle the transition towards a more sustainable campus? How to ensure EUR is an inclusive university? And what are the core norms and values of EUR? I helped write two policy proposals: opening a vega(n) canteen on campus and making Ecosia the standard search engine; I wrote a policy proposal to implement anonymous grading at the ESL (which will likely be adopted next academic year) and I am highly involved in the implementation of the new Code of Integrity.

Although I am part of a party, I will be very much open to collaboration, something which I have also done in the previous year in my role as chair of the Student Body of the University Council. Collaboration between students, and between students and staff members are at the core of the work that we do.

I’m motivated to continue my work. With my experience from the previous year, I believe I have the capabilities to succeed in this mission. I hope I can count on your vote.

5. Yusufhan Balci

yusufhan balci (Medium)

(List Aeffix)

Since the beginning of my university career, I have been crossing the river of student representation by feeling the stones. First as a student representative for my econometrics cohort and then as a student member of the ESE Faculty Council and the EUR University Council. Horace Mann declared that education was the “great equaliser of the conditions of men”. This is the reason my efforts have been and will continue to be on the front of diversity and plurality. My vision is to maintain and elevate the EUR as a European University in which all can be themselves.

In the previous years, I have contributed to a range of projects to uphold this vision. One of these was research concerning the mental health of students and interventions that could be taken. Currently, I am interested in rethinking (hybrid) education after the pandemic. Finally, I like to focus on increasing cooperation between various bodies of student representation, to give students a united front to make their voices heard. This list is a great first step in that direction.  As a member of the University Council, I would like to continue my work on these fronts. I am Yusufhan Balci, 19-years old, and a student of econometrics and philosophy. In my free time, I like to read, play the guitar and practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at the EUR dojo. Next year I would like to be, once again, your daring liberal voice in the University council.

6. Veerle Bakker

03. Aeffix 6. Veerle Bakker Picture

(List Aeffix)

My name is Veerle Bakker, I study Philosophy, Politics & Economics at EUC. I have noticed that many of the students around me experience the same type of problems, especially a high pressure on academic performance. This is why I want to be part of shaping a university that prioritises student wellbeing and creates an inclusive, safe, and sustainable environment.

Prioritising student well-being means enabling students to develop both personally and academically and ensuring that mental wellbeing becomes one of the main concerns in shaping study programmes. Your student time should be the time when you are able to explore different interests, different sides of yourself, and meet people with different backgrounds than your own. The university should enable students in this.

To make the university a safe space for everyone, I want to emphasise the importance of listening to people’s voices in cases of sexual harassment. The university should become more active in educating students on consent and catering to the needs of anyone who has experienced sexual harassment.

It is crucial to take into account the student perspective in university policies. Therefore, I intend to be approachable and to listen to the concerns you, my fellow students, have and ensure these are heard by the Executive Board and policymakers. For that I count on your vote for the University Council. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with me :).

7. Yu-Cheng (Alex) Huang

03. Aeffix 7. Yu Cheng (Alex) Huang Picture

(List Aeffix)

My name is Alex Huang from Taiwan, studying MISOC 3. Besides my study, I also work as an assistant for ESSB’s Diversity and inclusion office. As an international student with intersectional identities, I desire to make EUR a place where there is where students from all backgrounds feel a sense of belonging, and where students are valued for their diverse qualities. To realize this, the following are some of my ambitions for the UC:

First, to ensure clear communication between the university and students on policies. Because making sure that no one is left out of the conversation is a prerequisite to an inclusive EUR.

Second, to create a sense of belonging: Everyone should feel valued and belonged. There is a need to make symbolisms of all cultures and identities more visible. This includes celebrating cultural events such as the Lunar new year and Eid festival. Besides, creating gender-neutral toilets while not taking away the option of gendered toilets.

Finally, to enhance student life support and quality: student life is also one of the most important foundations of our lives. We need more investment in it. For example, free Dutch language at the University, and more scholarships for students who need financial support.

I wish to see a more inclusive EUR where all our peers feel belonged, and I will fight for everyone to get the support needed. I am open to engaging in more conversations. Thank you for considering my candidacy!

Emre Ulusoy

04. Emre Ulusoy Picture

(Independent candidate)

My name is Emre Ulusoy, a first-year Business Administration student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Having been part of the Student Council in high school, most of my energy was put into truly understanding the struggles and the needs of the students by hosting regular meetings with representatives from different classes. This amounts to my firm belief that by optimizing communication between all different layers within a school, creating an environment where students can perform to the best of their abilities becomes possible. An integral part would be to ensure the students’ mental wellbeing and increasing student participation.

Moreover, I believe an important transition is taking place which deserves our attention: though meant as a countermeasure against COVID19, online education has gained a lot of popularity because it enables students to create a better fit with their daily activities.

Which brings me to my point. I want to make sure every student gets to create their own optimal way of combining school with their daily lives. I believe online education to be the solution. My goal would be to keep online education as accessible as possible, but not have it preferred above on campus education. A completely filled up lecture hall brewing with lively young students is after all a sight to behold.

My goal as a member of the University Council would be to achieve and uphold the points mentioned above and to bring forth new ideas to create opportunities for the sake of our current and future students!

Jasper Oosting

05. Jasper Oosting OOSTING Picture

(Independent candidate)

Hi everyone,

I am Jasper Oosting and I am a Business Administration student at RSM. I am very driven to make the university future-proof, driven to ensure that any future problems are prevented rather than solved.

Therefore, I hope to represent you in the University Council. When I’m there I want to prioritise the following points:

Keep studying affordable: With the high inflation of recent times, it has become even more important to keep studying affordable. That is why I want to do my best to make the campus cheaper with regard to for example food, but also to keep housing and tuition fees as low as possible.

Better access to study spaces: In the coming academic year, the courses will again take place offline, so it will be more crowded in the library and other study spaces. I will therefore strive not only to create as many study spaces as possible, but also to realize an efficient planning so that there are fewer peaks in study space usage due to, for example, an examination period for all faculties at the same time.

No conflict of interest within the academic staff: Recent research has shown that universities, including the EUR, do not properly keep track of the interests/side-jobs that professors have next to their job at the university. That is why I am in favour of making it more transparent which interests professors have next to their academic work. In this way the quality and independence of science can be safeguarded and the side-jobs of professors can be prevented from clashing with the interests of science.

Implementation of blended learning: During the past lockdowns, we have had to deal with fully online education. Besides its disadvantages, this form of education also has many positive aspects for many students. That’s why I want to promote a blended learning approach to education within the Erasmus University.

Jasper Schut

06. Jasper Schut (STUUR) Picture

(List STUUR)

My name is Jasper and I’m a twenty-year-old sociology student from Rotterdam. I would like to take part in the student council on behalf of STUUR, the newly founded student union in Rotterdam. This generation faces massive problems that have to be solved. On a local scale, it is possible to have a real impact. I will try to achieve this by giving my fellow students a voice and by fighting for real solutions to our problems.

The students of our university are at the forefront of a lot of issues, if it comes to housing or climate change, discrimination or low wages. Together it is possible to steer our university in a direction that helps solve these issues. There is always an alternative, we just have to find it.

Erasmus Alliance

We strive for an equal position for all students, in which they can excel, develop, and feel part of the Erasmian community. Hearing, representing, and protecting students should once again take centre stage. No distinction should be made based on ethnic or socio-economic background, skin colour, orientation, gender, political affiliation, religious beliefs, age, or any other group identity.

The Erasmian community should be served from a holistic perspective, across faculty and with a view to the well-being of students and staff. The university is currently very centralised, which means that the cooperation is not going well. Students should be given participation and control in the course and content of their education, whereby the university must facilitate this. We are therefore also in favour of student assessors at administrative level, both centrally and within the faculties. Stress factors should be eliminated by appointing more student psychologists, setting up smaller working groups, using clear guidelines with regard to examination and publication of exam results and better guidance from the university. Lectures should always be recorded and made available digitally.

In addition, the party has the privacy of students as an important spearhead, this means that no (smart) cameras may be placed, the second camera within all faculties must be abolished in proctoring and the students are free to share their medical data or not. Over the past year, the Erasmus Alliance party members have worked in the participation councils — both the faculty councils and the university council — to achieve the above points.

The members of Erasmus Alliance have joined forces and want to work together within the University Council this year. We are therefore counting on your support so that we can make the university more inclusive for everyone, improve student well-being and guarantee the rights of students.

1. Simo Azzarhouni

07. Erasmus Alliance 1. Simo Azzarhouni Picture

(List Erasmus Alliance)

As a current and former student within ESSB, ESL and ESPHIL, I am currently a member of the university council. I am committed to more interdisciplinary education, student well-being, diversity and inclusion and the overall improvement of the position of students. This year I and other members were able to contribute to the abolition of the second camera during proctoring within most faculties, to realize more study places inside and outside the campus, to pay more attention to and simplify education and to try to remove stress factors from students. I am making myself available again to continue working on this and to solve the other problems we experience within EUR. My goals for the coming year:

  • Own capacities and qualities must be leading, students must be able to design their studies as they wish: shorten the academic year, create more room for resits, record all lectures digitally and provide more study places
  • Equal opportunities for everyone: all students should be able to feel safe and comfortable within EUR, regardless of origin, sexuality, political and religious beliefs or disabilities. Opportunities must be equal for all students, also when applying for positions within EUR and associations
  • Part-time students and internationals should receive the same quality of education as full-time students and nationals: part-time students and internationals should receive more attention and guidance
  • Better safeguarding of student privacy and coordination with students: no more second cameras and no more surveillance cameras on campus
  • Taking more account of the mental health of students by removing stress factors and pressure: more student psychologists and space between exams (also for multiple study programmes)
  • Preparing students for an uncertain future job market: connecting more courses and students with employers for internships and future jobs.

A strong university council helps you to get a better education, to belong and to prepare well for a bright future!

2. Cagla Altin

07. Erasmus Alliance 2. Cagla Altin Picture

(List Erasmus Alliance)

Mental health, improving education, enlightening the workload on students, promoting inclusiveness for part-time and international students are important topics for me. I have been a member of the university council this year, during my board year I focused on achieving change in these topics. Together we have achieved a lot, but there is always room for improvement and change. That is why I am putting myself up for re-election for the year 2022-2023. Last year my statement was: ‘thinking, doing and persevering is daring’, not a word of that has been out of time.

3. Wesley Hennep

(List Erasmus Alliance)

4. Aylin Alici

07. Erasmus Alliance 4. Aylin Alici Picture.jpeg

(List Erasmus Alliance)

My name is Aylin Alici and I am a b3 law student. I am running for election in the university council as the ‘Erasmus Alliance’ party. The reason I am running for election is that I think it is important that students from all faculties feel heard. My main goal is to represent the voice of students. I am someone who offers solutions and recommendations to improve the situation of students. I also want to tackle the problems that lie at a central level. For example, I want to commit myself to more transparency, less surveillance and equal opportunities for all students. I want to realize this by asking for feedback from the students and acting accordingly within the council. As a student I am very actively involved in what is going on among students. This allows me to act as a good spokesperson between and for the students. I therefore hope that I can become a member of the University Council to personally ensure that the interests of the student are central to every decision.

5. Daniel Ja'acov de Gorter

07. Erasmus Alliance 5. Daniël Ja’acov de Gorter Picture

(List Erasmus Alliance)

For generations, the university has functioned as a meeting place for young and curious people to broaden their insights and horizon and to (learn to) look at themselves and society with a critical eye. Therefore, to strengthen this ideal and flourish as a student, education must primarily be based on offering the individual student opportunities to develop regardless of their identity. This also requires the space to use individual freedom of expression, knowing that this precisely a dialogue between different opinions ensures development and growth. Secondly, the university needs to increase its overall transparency, so students can be more involved in what is going on at the university through participation and involvement. Only together can student well-being and the curiosity to explore be maintained and strengthened.

6. Sabrien Feiruz Mohammed

07. Erasmus Alliance 6. Sabrien Feiruz Mohammed Picture

(List Erasmus Alliance)

I think it is important to be involved in the decisions involving education. I have always been active in giving and receiving feedback when it comes to policy and education. In 2022 I hope to be able to pay more attention to mental health, improve coaching within the university and ensure more diversity and inclusivity. Together with the council, I would also like to take hybrid education to a higher level and develop it into something more effective and efficient.

7. Jelrik Westra

07. Erasmus Alliance 7. Jelrik Westra Picture

(List Erasmus Alliance)

Next to my studies in Public Administration, I have always kept myself busy outside of the lecture halls. With board years, with politics, but also with different functions at the university itself. It has not always been easy combining all that with my main studies. I think the university should provide maximum room for students to explore their personal growth, especially outside of their standard curriculum. That is what Erasmus Alliance wants to achieve, and that is why I am proud to support the party as a ‘list pusher’!

Erin van Gestel

08. Erin van Gestel Picture

(Independent candidate)

Dear fellow students,

I never voted for campus councils either. But this is why today, just maybe you will:)

My friends call me the mom of the group. Because I listen. And apparently, I make people feel safe to share what they need and to share what they feel.

As a woman, I understand how safety is more important than anything. As a student of the ESSB, I have come to understand the safety of our planet as well.

As an Erasmian student, I know what it is like to get positively lost in the endless possibilities the university (and real life) has to offer. And more than anything, I know how disabilities, personal circumstances and experiences can get in the way of those possibilities.

My priorities as your representation are therefore crystal clear: your safety and well-being and those of our planet. So that nothing stands in the way of your possibilities.

You might wonder why?

Well, no big deep meaningful answer, other than just because I like to. I like to make a change, preferably the way I see it:).

Also, I’m experienced and I’m good at it, good with people and good with out-of-the-box policy. Trust me. Or send me an email: [email protected]

Liberi Erasmi

This year Liberi Erasmi is running for the university council. As a group we have noticed that the university is developing in a certain direction which is not desirable for every student to feel comfortable with. In the social debate nowadays, it is increasingly difficult not to be excluded if you do not think according to the norm that prevails. This makes critical thinking and the pursuit of objectivity impossible at a knowledge institute. In addition, the university is increasingly speaking out about social developments that not every student agrees with. This should not be the case at a university; the university should be accessible to everyone.

Therefore, our mission is to make critical thinking accessible again at a scientific knowledge institute (where students do not have to fear exclusion), and to be truly inclusive as a university for everyone, regardless of your personal characteristics, political preference, religious beliefs or elsewhere. So, no social exclusions and cancel culture, or symbolic politics that not everyone can identify with.

Finally, Liberi Erasmi will also work to make the general interest of students more visible, to give more voting rights to students, to promote student life and student welfare, to guarantee the individual freedoms of students, and to promote a better administrative culture in which students are given a more important role.

The full party programme can be found on our website:

1. Nawin Ramcharan

09. Liberi Erasmi 2. Nawin Ramcharan

(List Liberi Erasmi)

Where can you recognise me from?

I am Nawin Ramcharan, 25 years old, a student of public administration and sociology. Before that, I studied business administration and electrical engineering.

Chairman of Students for Open Education, and initiator of various demonstrations during lockdowns against the neglect of young people by the coronation measures taken.

What have I done for students?

Lobbied at/with various bodies such as political (youth) parties, ministries, NGOs, psychological and medical organisations, media outlets, educational bodies such as the LSVB, ISO and LAKS, and the children’s ombudsman with whom we increased the pressure to finally get higher education open in February.

These important stakeholders in my network contact list will not only make it possible for the promises made on behalf of Liberi Erasmi to become reality, but also for the attention for students in general to gain a stronger position within society.

This is why I am participating in the University Council this year and what I want to change:

The university is developing in a direction that not everyone agrees with, think for example of the woke culture or cancel culture. The EUR is less and less accessible for everyone who thinks differently to the prevailing norm. Symbol politics such as rainbow zebra crossings on campus, or statements via social media about social issues create a non-inclusive atmosphere. I would like to keep the Campus neutral, accessible and safe for everyone.

Counteract unrealistic policies that limit individual freedoms (such as a mandatory vegetarian/CO2-neutral campus).

Bring out the best in students by initiating policies that improve the quality of education, make healthy lifestyles (such as sports and nutrition) more accessible and make student life more fun.

2. Wincey Randoe

09. Liberi Erasmi 2. Wincey Randoe Picture

(List Liberi Erasmi)

In recent years at the EUR, I have noticed that it is not self-evident that you have a different opinion. My experience during lectures and work groups is that the focus is hardly on learning different theories and illuminating different sides, but rather on pushing a direction or ideology. For example, it is rather difficult to have a debate about the corona policy, the European Union, so-called ‘cancel culture’ or the war in Ukraine. Everyone should be able to express themselves freely and share their opinions; the truth is often more nuanced than the EUR claims. By participating in the University Council I want to achieve that no student feels that he or she cannot express what he or she stands for. Regardless of your origin, background, religion or ideology, there should be room for everyone at the EUR. In the council, I will therefore represent the idea that it is important for education to be value-free and for students’ critical thinking skills to be stimulated.

3. Iwany Alberts

09. Liberi Erasmi 3. Iwany Alberts Picture

(List Liberi Erasmi)

My motivation to participate in the University Council is because I think freedom is very important and I would like to see it more at the university. I think it is important that students have the space and means to develop themselves critically and are given the space at the university to be free in their actions and thoughts and to be free to make mistakes and learn from them and through this develop themselves critically instead of being presented with a way of thinking in which everything else is by definition labelled as wrong.

4. Luuk van Tol

09. Liberi Erasmi 4. Luuk van Tol Picture

(List Liberi Erasmi)

My name is Luuk van Tol and I am studying for the master Criminology. Since I’ve been studying here at this university, I’ve always been taught to look at everything with a critical view. The university does not always have this critical view of itself. I have joined Liberi Erasmi and have made myself eligible for the University Council to do something about this.

If I am elected, I will do my very best for:

  • Equal opportunities for all, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, disability, or whatsoever. Everyone is welcome and everyone is equal.
  • Stimulating self-development and a critical view. Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves and say what they think.
  • More attention to promoting the physical- and mental health and well-being of students.
  • Privacy and transparency of- and personal oversight on your own personal data
  • A realistic covid policy for the long term

As they say in Rotterdam: ‘Geen woorden, maar daden’

Niels Ubak

10. Niels Ubak Picture

(Independent candidate)

My name is Niels Ubak, a student at Erasmus University since 2019. I started at ESL but I’m now also studying at RSM.

I stand for more idealism in the university council. As an ESL and RSM student, I know that many of us – students – are idealistic and want to not only earn a living in the future, but also make an impact; contribute to a better world. In addition, there is a need for more pragmatism when it comes to practical deficiencies within Erasmus University: think of “Creating positive societal impact” it says in big letters on the facade. But what does that really mean? To what extent is this reflected at the famous RSM, for example? Do we deliver the business leaders of the future, or just more of the same? The crises of the past decades – climate and corona – and the increasing social inequality in society demand a different type of leadership than has been the norm in recent decades. That is what I want to contribute to. A vote for Niels is a vote for a critical view in the University Council. And a vote for more idealism.