Michaell Rocha, student Management of international social challenges, highlights the importance of inclusivity alongside sustainability. “The university should take into consideration all perspectives from all students. So, sustainability and inclusion should go hand-in-hand.”

Bring your own

Some students think that it is a good idea to implement a vegan-only policy, as it could encourage people to go vegan. Economics student, Jan Biegun, proposes a solution for people who still would like to eat meat. “If you do want to eat meat that much, no one is constrained towards staying at the university. Or you can also bring your own food.”

Vegan students usually struggle when looking for vegan options. Viktória Vargová, a media and creative industries masters student and a vegan, mentions how sometimes it can be difficult to get varieties of vegan food, yet it is not impossible. “You have some options for example the Jack Beans or in the Vitam canteen. They have vegan options but I still think it could be a little bit better.” Ugoeze Podler, an international business student, adds that it can also be very expensive to opt for vegan food options on campus. For instance, vegan food from Jack Beans would usually start from 8 euros which can be a bit too expensive for students’ budget.

Vegan campus illustratie 1 – Migle Alonderyte

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