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EM Explains: exactly how unlucky was the unlucky generation?

Volgend jaar wordt het leenstelsel afgeschaft. Maar daarmee is de ellende nog niet…

During last week’s debate about the government statement, it appeared that many parties in the Senate feel that compensation of around a thousand euros per unlucky student is not enough. Much of the Senate signed a motion calling on the cabinet “to explore other options to compensate these students, and to report back within three months”.

The PvdA felt that the compensation could cost more than the 1 billion euros that the cabinet has so far budgeted. This afternoon, the entire opposition therefore voted for the motion, minus Forum voor Democratie. Together, they represent 40 of the 75 seats in the Senate.

Wad of cash

The PvdA also supported the more far-reaching motion of the Partij voor de Dieren, which called on the cabinet to compensate the unlucky students with a gift amounting to the basic grant they did not receive. According to PvdA Senator Mei Li Vos, ‘more money is needed to compensate what students in the student loan period have missed’. She added that you can’t resolve everything with a ‘wad of cash’, but she at least wants Minister Dijkgraaf to have enough scope ‘to reach satisfactory solutions with the students’.

Nevertheless, the PvdD motion did not get a majority. Apart from the government parties, SGP, PVV and Forum voor Democratie also voted against it, so 42 seats.