Storm Franklin was still raging over the campus on Monday morning. Yet, cousin Eunice has not been forgotten. Friday evening, a gust of wind shattered a window in the Theil building. Whether the window was broken by an object or by the wind itself is unclear. The entire hall has been cordoned off. There are shards of glass and puddles of rainwater everywhere on the floor. Works of art hanging on the first floor have been removed to prevent damage.


-A striking number of rental scooters have toppled over due to the storm.

Lecture halls CT-4, 5 and 6, have been closed. The lectures planned there will continue but students had to relocate to other rooms. In CT-6 there’s a leakage, a spokesman of EUR said. In other halls, there are glass fragments from the broken window. How long it will take to clean this up is still unclear.

Although security guards said that the window will be repaired on Monday 4 o’clock, the exact consequences of the damage are not yet clear. The costs of the repair of the window, the bricks and the leaks have not yet been estimated. It is also unclear how long the repair work will take. When the displaced tiles on the square will be repaired is unclear.

It is unclear when the blown-up tiles will be repaired.

Leakage in EUC

On Saturday afternoon, security guards discovered a serious leakage on the top floor of Erasmus University College. The leakage was caused by roof damage. The floor mainly consists of offices is currently not accessible to employees. The municipality owns the building and is currently assessing the damage. There is damage not only in the campus buildings but also outside.

-There is damage not only in the campus buildings but also outside.


At Woudestein, the damage is not limited to the Theil building. On the square in front of the building, many tiles have been blown away by the wind. An area of approximately ten square metres of tiles is destroyed.

Apart from that, the storm damage on the campus is limited, except for a few trees, electric scooters, bicycles and construction fences that have been blown over.

The Spar’s robotic trolley, Rosie, will not be operational on Monday. An employee told us that the campus supermarket wants to prevent damage to the trolley by rain and strong gusts of wind.

-The window in the Theil hall was blown away on Friday evening.