Econometrics student Jonathan was enjoying a beer outside while waiting for the club to open its doors. He just returned from exchange in Spain and came to Annabel’s to protest the coronavirus-related restrictions in force in the Netherlands. “Spain reopened a lot more places a little while ago, so I think our government should consider relaxing the restrictions sooner as well. That’s why I’m here tonight. Obviously, I’m here to have a fun night out, but I’ve also come because I oppose the current restrictions.”

Jonathan (rechts) – econometrie clubs open de nacht staat op – Ali Alshamayleh
Jonathan (on the right in the photo) has just returned from his exchange in Spain and is in the mood for a party. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

No tickets

Fabian (left) de nacht staat op clubs open annabel – ali alshamayleh
Medical student Fabian (left) is also there tonight to protest the long closure of the party industry. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

“I’m definitely here by way of protest”, said Fabian, a medical student. “If the police show up tonight to barricade the door, I will simply break through.” He believes that going out is one of the best ways for students to meet others, and he opposes the lengthy closure of clubs. He had been queuing since 10.30. When the doors finally opened, he ran after his friends, so as not to lose them in the crowd.

Corina en Barbu – IBCOM clubs open nacht staat op – Ali Alshamayleh
Corina and Barbu (both Communication and Media) enjoy the atmosphere and plan to go out all night. The plan came about spontaneously, says Barbu. “But I’m really glad we came.” Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

Not all students who came to Annabel’s did so to protest the restrictions. Some just grabbed an opportunity when it arose. “We were having dinner together and thought: let’s just go for it”, said Jase, who studies Business economics. He and his friends tried to get in without any tickets, which proved harder than they expected. “But thankfully, there’s a pretty good vibe outside.”

Jase (bruine jas) – bedrijfseconomie clubs open nacht staat op – Ali Alshamayleh
Jase (with the scarf) and his friends have no tickets. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

First time

Jasper (left & blue shirt) – de nacht staat op clubs open annabel – Ali Alshamayleh
Jasper (left in the photo) invited his friends to an evening out in Rotterdam. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

Jase wasn’t the only student who came to Annabel’s mostly because he enjoys a night on the town. Econometrics student Jasper invited some friends who don’t live in Rotterdam to the club. “It’s kind of iconic, being here right on day 1. I assume the clubs will receive a pretty steep fine. I’m very curious to see what the night is going to be like.”

Ton – psychologie clubs open de nacht staat op – Ali Alshamayleh
“I can’t even remember the last time I was in a club,” says psychology student Ton. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

“I can’t even remember the last time I was in a club. It’s definitely a problem”, said Ton, who studies Psychology. “It’s about time after two years. We need our emotional release.”

Party outfits

Tasha – pedagoische wetenschapen clubs open de nacht staat op – Ali Alshamayleh
Tasha (center) and her friends do have tickets for tonight. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

Law student Sylvie couldn’t wait to go out. Like Tasha (who studies educational sciences), she was one of very few people who had actually managed to get hold of a ticket. “It’s been too long since I last spent an entire night in a club. So I bought tickets as soon as I was able to and obviously put on my party outfit.” She thinks it’s too cold to show her outfit. “But it’s warm enough inside, so it’s not for nothing.”

Sylvie – rechten clubs open de nacht staat op – Ali Alshamayleh
Sylvie (right) put on her party outfit (but thought it was too cold to show it). Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh

Economics student Luis-Daniel hadn’t been able to get in yet, but that didn’t bother him. “I wasn’t all that well prepared. I have neither tickets nor a party outfit, but the atmosphere outside is electric.” A group of people had started dancing in the parking lot, and even the police officers in attendance seemed to be having a good time of it.

Luis-Daniel – economie clubs open nacht staat op – Ali Alshamayleh
Economics student Luis-Daniel is having a great time, even though he doesn’t have tickets to any of the open nightlife spots. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh
clubs open nacht staat op klimmen annabel – Ali Alshamayleh
A party spontaneously arises in the parking lot in front of Annabel. Image credit: Ali Alshamayleh