For the time being, nothing will change with regard to the face mask obligation in higher education. Students and staff must still wear one in the corridors. If they cannot keep a one-and-a-half-metre distance, it’s also required in lectures. Universities don’t work with a corona pass, and this will remain the case.


In theatres, cafés, cinemas and the like, where you still have to have your corona pass scanned, you will no longer have to wear a face mask from next week onwards (unless there are more than 500 visitors).

The new press conference is on Tuesday 15 February, but nothing will change in the regulation. Kuipers already sent it to parliament, so that the members can quickly agree and the new measures can take effect in a week’s time.


Municipalities, the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) have told the Cabinet that dissatisfaction with the corona measures is greater than ever, and that enforcement of the rules is therefore becoming increasingly difficult.

Kuipers understands this. Young people, in particular, suffer from the corona measures, he believes. The relaxations would benefit their physical and mental health.

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