Shittiest thing

Most of the students are frustrated about having online classes. Confined at home, life leaves them very few opportunities to meet and socialise with friends on campus. International Business Administration student Klaudia says how disappointed she was with online education. “I really wanted to get the full-on educational experience, but I couldn’t.”

Due to current government measures, the extracurricular activities available to students are also limited. Jeramy Huijsman, a Business Administration student, shares his thoughts about it. “Staying at home all the goddamn time! Having sports after 5 pm cancelled was another major annoyance, to be honest.”

Varo de Haan, student Management of International Social Challenges, was aiming for the light at the end of the tunnel, only for it to be turned off at the last moment. “For a whole year, through the winter of 2020, I waited for the one week’s holiday that my work allowed me, and in that week I got Covid.”

Best thing

Despite everything, some students were happy to finally be able to come to Rotterdam and enjoy student life as much as they could. Business Administration student Linnea Persson is happy about “the fact that we got to be here in Rotterdam for our exchange semester from Sweden.”

Despite all the restrictions, Lisa Watermann (Arts & Culture) went on a long trip. “I borrowed my brother’s van and went on a road trip by myself through Europe. Varo also mentions that he was glad to able to find accommodation this year. “I thought I’d found a house, then it got cancelled. But in one day, I found a new house.”