The jury calls it a well-researched, very informative story – in a series of five – whose publication immediately generated a lot of media attention and Parliamentary questions. The authors, Annebelle de Bruijn and Tomas van Dijk, outlined the dilemmas facing academics when they work with Chinese universities linked with the Chinese army, according to the jury.

Onveilige cultuur

The second prize goes to Mare from Leiden for its article ‘Fraud, disappearing evaluations and a toxic environment: how the best statistics group in the Netherlands fell apart’. According to the jury, it demonstrates ‘how a relatively small problem at a university can escalate and bring about the downfall of an entire research group’.

For its entry ‘Topper or loser: how a star cult made Amfi unsafe’, the editing team of HvanA won third prize. According to the jury, the article ‘provides a clear and interesting explanation about how an unsafe culture can grow in a fashion course in which there is also a lot of competition’.

Honourable mentions were for the documentary ‘Gewoon Kwetsbaar’ (Simply Vulnerable, documentary is in Dutch) by Hanzemag and for ‘The split between Church and University‘, a reconstruction by Vox about the rift between the university and the Dutch bishops.

Jaarlijkse prijs

The Circle of Editors-in-Chief of Higher Education Media awards the prize every year. The winners go home with 250, 150 or 100 euros. Erasmus Magazine was not among the top five nominations this year. Two years ago, EM won with a series of investigative articles about fraudsters on the housing market.


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