“At this point, I’m not specifically looking for a good room anymore. At first, I thought about a furnished studio, then an ordinary studio, then a room, but now I’m happy if I find anything at all”, explained IBA student Eugeen. He is also making concessions on location and budget: he is prepared to pay 800 euros for something within a half hour’s cycle of the university. He’s already been sleeping in Ani & Haakien hostel, close to Rotterdam Central station, for two weeks now. It’s nice and sociable so far, but it’s not easy getting a good night’s sleep with all that snoring in the dormitory.

Various hostels with students

An investigation by Erasmus Magazine showed that Eugeen isn’t the only one starting the academic year in a hostel. It’s difficult to estimate how many students are affected but, following a visit to five different city centre hostels, it’s safe to estimate that dozens are staying in hostels.

“Of course we don’t know everyone’s exact situation, but I know of a dozen students sleeping here because they can’t find any accommodation”, stated Danielle Linscheer from Ani & Haakien. This also applies to other hostels in the centre. Employees in the StayOkay hostel in the cube houses, Sparks on the corner of West-Kruiskade, King Kong and CityHub on Witte de Withstraat confirm that several students are sleeping there while looking for accommodation.

Studenten in hostels – Wouter Sterrenburg (4 of 1)

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